Maybe Next Time featured in Rush Magazine

Maybe Next Time featured in Rush Magazine

Maybe Next Time is the new sustainable streetwear label from Josh Heuston and Jack Miranda

When the world was plunged into collective stay at home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, many of us naturally turned to attire that was most comforting during global upheaval and general uncertainty. With nowhere to be, loungewear, activewear, and streetwear became the go-to, and it's never quite left us since, especially when we were hit with another lockdown across Australia just as things were starting to feel like a not-so-distant memory. This was when Maybe Next Time was born. 

A new Australian luxury streetwear label founded by Josh Heuston and Jack Miranda, conceived from a want to weave their own passions within the music and film industries into a tangible brand, Heuston and Miranda aim to create a fashion label with a strong community alongside. Their ethos is to bring people together, to represent real-life individuals.

Every piece in the collection has been carefully designed by the pair, who intend to fill a gap in the market by achieving the perfect balance of high quality and sustainable materials. with sustainability front of mind, Heuston and Miranda have a goal to create a holistically sustainable brand as it grows. In the meantime, the brand is ensuring sustainable fabrics, packaging and processes are used where possible. Additionally, Maybe Next Time works off of limited editions and quantities to move towards a low waste model. 

The offering includes branded white ribbed tank tops, a black bomber with "maybe" printed across the chest, an simple white button up with an embroidered pocket that reads "Help, i don't know what to put on this shirt", and two iterations of unisex black pants.